I Love Coffee : Street Charm Special Guest

Voici une petite aide pour vous aider à charmer nos amis les guest stars de I Love Coffee.


Smart Girl :

Private Sam :

I like your shirt
You have Beautiful eyes
Blond hair ?
Do You Love Coffee ?
Isn’t it Hard serving in the army ?

Indieband Vocal :

I like your style
Is the Money good?
Wow never seen this kind of hair color before
Cool vest

Cartoonist :

Are you …  Are you?
Love your hat
Cool Vest
Wow Never Seen This Kind of hair color Before

Himiko :

You look very elegant
I love your ribbon sash
I want a good luck charm
You look good in that dress

Frat Boy :

Wow, you’re quite the tall guy !
Do you like games ?
Which School do you go to ?
You seem like a warm-hearted person
You should be popular at school

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